CMYK is coming back

High-quality multicolor printing has been the mainstay of exceptional top design for a long time. Many manufacturers of high-quality products tried to refute the fact that packaging sells the product, but it comes up that colors, design, and innovative packaging solutions play an important role.

But, like everything else, packaging design can’t withstand become its own purpose, when increasing costs no longer contribute to the result, and a further increase in investment doesn’t change much. Today multicolor printing is experiencing a new revolution.

Thanks to innovations in printing technology, but also in the industry of printing inks, and materials, it is possible to get very good results in classic CMYK four-color printing. The difference compared to printing in 6 or 8 colors exists, but it is more significant in the total cost price.

That is why more and more companies are switching to four-color packaging printing and are noticing the savings and benefits.


Optimization of packaging production and procurement – Approximate calculations have shown that it is possible to save more than 100,000 euros on a base of 250 SKUs. This is due to the almost twofold reduction in the costs of prepress, as well as the possibility of joint printing of smaller editions by combining them in the same process. The scope of manipulation between production processes is reduced and a lot of time is saved.

Uniformity of print quality – Design, prepress, and production can be standardized. Technological advances have raised the level of quality of four-color printing, so the difference between 4 and more color printing is acceptable

Standardization of different suppliers and techniques – Defining a design in CMYK reduces the need for adaptations to different printing machines and different printing techniques.

Sustainability and ecology – Reducing the number of inks significantly shortens the production time, reduces the number of engaged printing units and drying devices, and the frequency of washing the printing machine between the production of two editions. All this contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and CO2 emissions