Digitization of model making

Model making is not handcraft anymore, but it requires the same knowledge and skills. We have recently included a new digital printer in our process of model making. In addition to the basic colors this device prints also white color, matte and glossy varnish, simulates embossing and provides high-quality contour cutting.

Besides that it can print on all types of substrates, so we often print on the original packaging material. Such models are really difficult to distinguish from the final packaging. Can you tell which bottle is the original and which one is the model in the picture above? We wanted them to be a little different for this article so we didn’t adjust the colors. Sometimes it takes twice as much knowledge and experience to make a model. Fortunately, we already had both in Kaligraf.

Creating 3D models is an important segment of our work. Whether it is a digital or tangible model, both must be perfect. Because the model is sometimes the only sample available in the early phase of the product development – preparation of marketing campaigns, negotiation with retailers, and all other activities that precede production.

PS. The left one is the model ; )