Kaligraf’s 27 years and 27 top experts

Success is not measured by years, years can be measured by success. Every year in November we remember 1994 when the Kaligraf was founded on the 15th of the month. Each birthday brings us more pride and more reasons to celebrate. Although it always seems to us that it was yesterday when only two employees (Miho and Tamara) enthusiastically embarked on this amazing business adventure. Still, it has been a nice 27 years since then.

We are happy to remember both the first computers and the first employees, and we are happy that most of them still wear the color of Kaligraf – Pantone 640. Most employees, of course. The ancient computers are, thankfully, only in memory. With special emotions, we remember our first clients who trusted us back then and stay with us to this day.

And there are more and more of us every year. Exactly 27 Kaligrafičars (calligrapher + graphic artist) celebrated their 27th birthday. Consistent with the tradition of nurturing a healthy approach to food, we threw various fine pieces on the table and the grill in honor of the years of success.