Kaligraf’s first seminar about packaging

The First Kaligraf Seminar – Packaging Management in a Manufacturing Company was held on May 25, 2023, at the Wespa Spaces Center in Zagreb. The event brought together numerous experts and professionals from the packaging field. Judging by the interest in the seminar, the event’s atmosphere, and the feedback from participants, this seminar filled a crucial gap within the specialized professional community.

Participants had the opportunity to attend a series of engaging presentations by experts in various areas, covering the latest trends and challenges in product packaging processes and production.

The event kicked off with a welcome address and opening remarks by Miho Karolyi, the founder, and director of Kaligraf Graphic Studio. As an expert in packaging production and all aspects of technological solutions and optimization, Mr. Karolyi provided a comprehensive overview of the current state and trends in packaging. He also shared predictions about the upcoming trends that will significantly impact manufacturers’ decisions in selecting packaging solutions for their products.

Sonja Jamnicki Hanzer, an extraordinary professor from the Department of Graphic Materials and Printing Forms at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, delivered a presentation on the challenges of ensuring the health safety of food packaging and packaged goods. Her research on the properties of graphic materials and testing the health safety of food-contact packaging provided valuable insights. Participants learned about important measures to prevent unwanted migrations from packaging to food and vice versa.

Sunčica Uhitil, the director of Simply Safe company and an expert in food and cosmetics safety, discussed current regulations and guidelines for product labeling and proper packaging marking.

The first part of the seminar concluded with a concise presentation by Martina Jelovečki, an expert in project management and process control in packaging production at Kaligraf. She introduced the phases of graphic production that follow the design stage and precede printing, explaining concepts such as artwork, repro, proof, 3D model, and more. Participants were also treated to a demonstration of the Web Center, an online platform for digitalized process management.

The second part began with a presentation by Kristina Kanižaj, the development and technology manager at Bakrotisak and Rotoplast. As an expert in packaging innovations and the development of new materials, she discussed the latest advancements in flexible packaging materials, highlighting sustainable solutions and approaches. Product safety and sustainable development were emphasized as priorities.

Željka Tihomirović from Kaligraf, an expert in standardization and packaging management in a production organization, addressed the question of how to standardize internal packaging and labeling processes. She emphasized the importance of defining specifications, drawings, technical characteristics, and packaging standards, as well as procedures for testing and quality control.

The seminar concluded with a presentation by Miho Karolyi, who shared his knowledge on optimizing packaging production. Participants gained insights into best practices and technological solutions for improving efficiency and quality in packaging production.

The Kaligraf Specialist Seminar provided valuable insights into all aspects of packaging management and its crucial role in product development. Participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas, connect with experts, and establish new contacts.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events from Kaligraf, your trusted partner in packaging solutions.