Photography for packaging design is increasingly in demand

There are a bit different rules for copyrights in the packaging domain – It seems that illustrating the conceptual design of the packaging has never been easier – you just download a stock photo or illustration, incorporate it into the conceptual design, and the matter is resolved. But really, it just seems so because the copyrights to use the photos and the fees for using them on the packaging are a bit different. It’s worth thinking about a photo shoot.

When calculating the fee, the medium, the quantity, the period of use as well as region are all taken into account. So try to presume what this means when it comes to a few million pieces of packaging that should be on the market for a few years.

It pays to invest in your photo, but mostly because of the originality and value of your brand. No one wants to use a picture on the packaging for fine biscuits that someone else uses on anti-aging cream. That’s the reason why we do all kinds of professional photos of products, packaging, motifs for design adaptation, food styling, and food photography in our photo studio.