Privacy Policy



KALIGRAF d.o.o. takes your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy describes why and who we collect your personal data, how we use and protect them, who we share them with and how you can contact us with regard to the protection of your privacy and GDPR.

KALIGRAF d.o.o. may collect your information in different ways. Be careful when you send us your personal data and check whether you accidentally provided or entered incorrect or sensitive data and information.

We do not have to ask for you previous consent whenever there is a legitimate reason for collection of your personal data. However, we will always ask for your consent to use your personal data whenever we do not have the legitimate interest, but also in cases when there is a doubt if we have one. We will use your personal data only for the purposes covered by your consent.

Legal basis for processing of personal data

We collect, process and use personal data only for the intended purposes, and they include the following:

  1. The processing is required for the purpose of compliance with legal obligations of the company; 
  2. The processing is required for the implementation of an agreement where the customer is a party to the agreement or for performance of actions at the request of the customer before execution of the agreement;
  3. The processing is required for the legitimate business interests of the company or a third party, unless the interests and basic rights and freedoms of the customers who request protection of personal data prevail these interests;
  4. Pursuant to an explicit consent provided by the customer. 

How we collect your data

We may collect your personal data in the following manners:

  1. Directly from you, e.g. data delivered for the needs of execution or implementation of an agreement, by coming to the premises of the Company, by sending your CV, by attending some of our events, via an individual phone call etc.;
  2. Indirectly – data that are publicly available on the websites other than the company website, e.g. posts on social networks, open forums, data obtained by using cookies, links and similar technologies.

Information you provide

When interacting with KALIGRAF d.o.o. you may be required to provide certain data in the following manners:

  1. By providing your CV;
  2. By subscribing to our newsletters;
  3. Business contacts and cooperation may serve as a source of information about our business partners or their employees with the purpose of performing the professional activity and establishing close business contacts and relationships;
  4. If you participate in a public event, such as a manifestation or celebration, we may photograph you or make videos of you;
  5. When you use our services on the internet, we may receive the content you decide to transfer, such as comments, photographs, posts in forum discussions or details on your interests and preferences that you share with us;
  6. By signing the employment agreement in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The information that we collected related to the social networks and websites of KALIGRAF d.o.o.

When you use some of our social networks applications and websites, we may receive the information related to your social network accounts, e.g.:

  1. If you sign in to our website using the social network account, we may receive basic data from your social network profile. The basic data that we receive depend on the privacy setting of the particular social network, but they can include your social network ID, first and last name, profile image, data on your gender and language. We can also receive additional information from your profile of a particular social network if you grant us your relevant consent;
  2. If you press “Like” or a similar link on our website we may record what you did. Additionally, the content you view may be published on your profile or in the social network news. We can accept the information on further interactions with the published content (e.g. if you contacts select a link in the published content) which we can then connect with your information that we store;
  3. If you press “Like” or a similar link on our social network web pages, we can receive the information on your profile on the social network, depending on the privacy settings of your social network account;
  4. Details on the content you view. For example, when you use our website, we may collect the information on your visit, such as pages that your brows, time and place of your activities, applications settings, errors and hardware activities.

We will use such collected personal data until you request their deletion. We use your CVs in accordance with your consent.

The information that we collect during the business relationship with our business partners and their employees

In the business relationship with our business partners who are either legal or natural persons, we often establish friendly and collegial relationship with you as natural persons where we can find out your date of birth so that we can send you a message for your birthday, send a birthday or holiday gift, invite you to our manifestations and other events and celebrations so that we could hang out together professionally and privately. By providing your data, such as data of birth, you grant as a permission to wish you happy birthday and to give you a symbolic gift. You can always withdraw your consent for processing of your personal data without any negative consequences, in the manner as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

We want to use the basis of data collected in this manner until your withdrawal of your consent for their use. We want to keep hanging out and celebrating with you as long as you feel like it.

Information we collect from employees during their employment

We appreciate the privacy of all our employees and do not collect their personal data without having the legitimate interest for that. Whenever we require our employees’ data or their children’s data for the purpose of exercising certain rights, we always ask the employees for their previous consent, if we need one and we do not have the legitimate interest.

The employees are obliged to deliver us the data set forth by the regulations on employment records and other regulations governing this segment. The employees are always obliged to update and deliver valid data in a timely manner if the delivered data changed in the meantime. The employees shall cover the damages incurred by the omission of delivering the amended data.

The personal data of the employees may be collected, processed, used and delivered to third persons if required for the purpose of exercising the employment rights and meeting of relevant obligations. The data specified by the accounting regulations, pension and health insurance regulations and safety at work regulations and laws as well as regulations adopted for the purpose of implementation of the Labour Act will be collected, processed, used and delivered for that purpose.

We will not make the data available to other persons without the explicit consent of the employees, except in case of legal obligations an execution of the contractual relationship with the employee.

We will keep the employee data for as long as there is a legal requirement to do so, and we will delete/destroy such data as soon as the legal requirements for their deletions/destruction are met.

How we use your personal data

We may use your personal data for various purposes:

  1. Provision of services in accordance with the contractual obligations;
  2. Considering your job application if you contact us through our website or in other ways and leave your CV;
  3. Sending of news reports and other communication via e-mail or other contact data, if you previously provided your relevant consent;
  4. Marketing activities – we may contact you with an aim of informing you about new contents and similar activities;
  5. By producing anonymous, total statistical data on the use of our website, which we can share with third parties and/or make available to public;
  6. By publishing certain material on our website and making if publicly available, we can publish it and make it publicly available on some other place, including for the purpose of our own advertising;
  7. Every time you post something or comment on a post on our website or our web pages on social networks (e.g. message boards), we can record the name of the message board where you did that as well as the time and date of your post or message together with the details of your account. The purpose of this is to adjust the marketing communications to your activity. We do not use the content of your posts or messages on message boards for additional purposes;
  8. We may use the information collected by monitoring the website, network services and e-mail for your security and protection of our employees and partners. The information may be forwarded to the police or other competent authority if this is required by the legal regulations. By using our website and other network services, you explicitly agree to the provided information;
  9. We may use the photographs and videos collected in public events and manifestations that we organise for the purpose of publishing on our website, public releases in the media and for our marketing purposes. You will be inform on any such intention in advance when coming to a public event/manifestation by means of the appropriate disclaimers;
  10. We may combine the information that we collect from various sources to provide better customer support and to provide better and adjusted service, content, advertising content and ads;
  11. For the purpose of protection of the company employees – we may disclose the personal data of individual only if we believe that this is necessary or suitable to protect the health and safety of employees, property and/or customers and 
  12. Legal obligations of reporting and data processing.

Sharing of your information

As a rule KALIGRAF d.o.o. does not provide information about you to third parties without your consent. However, there are exceptions to that rule:

  1. We may use the third party service providers to process the information on our behalf and for the above mentioned purposes (e.g. marketing assistance). Our service provider act only in accordance with our instructions and our rules, and as such they must comply with the appropriate obligations related to the confidentiality and security;
  2. We must/may disclose your information to third parties e.g. government and competent authorities for the legal and/or business purposes and purpose of compliance with legal regulations and meeting of reasonable requirements of such authorities as well as professional consultants who exercise or protect our legal rights etc.;
  3. We may share your Anonymised overall or general data that prevent your identification with any third party (e.g. partners, advertises, media, public etc.);
  4. We may forward the employee information to competent authorities for the purpose of exercising the employment-related rights and obligations (pension institute and health insurance fund etc.).

Personal data that you share

Certain mechanisms on our website or social networks will enable you to transmit and share messages, photographs, videos and other content. By publishing them, they stop being private or confidential, e.g. message boards enable you to publish comments, photographs and videos (with the name linked to your account) that are visible to other service users.

International transmission of your data

We process your data within the European Economic Area. If transmission of data is required outside this area, it will be carried out only if the European Commission confirms that a third county provides a certain level of data protection or if the appropriate protection measures are implemented in accordance with legal regulations. 

Protection of your data

We implement many measures to protect your data from unauthorised access and use, e.g.:

  1. Access to your information is provided only to our employees who require such information for the purpose of our business activities;
  2. We store data in separate folders (special folders on personal computer, special places in locked bookcases) with clearly defined access rights;
  3. We implemented the appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss of your data, their modification, stealing or access by unauthorised third parties;
  4. We provided the appropriate physical, electronic and management systems for protection and keeping of data collected through the internet.


KALIGRAF d.o.o. uses technologies that are usually used in marketing activities e.g. cookies for collection of information on the usage of our website and e-mail communication. This means that the technologies could give us the information which users selected key elements (e.g. links or graphics) on our website or in an e-mail message and enable us to identify your browser when you visit our website next time. 

You can adjust your browser settings if you do not want to save cookies. However, some of the functionalities of our website require the use of cookies in certain cases and may not function if you opt not to accept them.

Automated data processing and profiling

Your personal data will be subject to profiling in the following cases:

  1. Direct promotion;
  2. Promotion;

Child privacy

Children are considered all persons younger than 16 years of age in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia. We do not collect any data from children without the consent of their parents or guardians.

Should the parent or guardian have any questions related to our processing of personal data of their children, the same rules shall apply as for the adults.

Requests by judiciary authorities

In specific cases we are allowed to share your personal data without your knowledge or consent, e.g.:

  1. Prevention or disclosing of crime;
  2. Arrest or prosecution of perpetrators;
  3. Assessment of collection of taxes and fees;
  4. In accordance with a court order or any other law.

Your rights

You have the right to do the following at any time, without suffering any negative consequences:

  1. Withdraw your consent for any kind of marketing communications and other processing; 
  2. Request a certificate of processing (comprising the information on the purpose of processing, source, category of personal data, receivers or categories of receivers that received or could receive the personal data, as well as the location of such transmission, estimated period of data storage, use of any automated decision making and profiling);  
  3. Request review of your own personal data;
  4. Request correction or amendment of your personal data; 
  5. Object against the further or excessive processing of personal data; 
  6. Block the illegal processing of personal data;
  7. Request deletion of your personal data;
  8. Request transmission of the personal data to another controller.

You can send all your request to our e-mail address at

We will consider your every request in accordance with the applicable legal regulations governing the personal data protection. However, we reserve the right to collect the cost of processing of the requests in cases when such requests are not reasonable. We will send you a reply to your request within maximum 30 days as of the date of receipt of the request.

The right to objection to the supervisory authority

You may lodge a complaint against processing of your personal data if you believe that we violated either Croatian or European personal data protection regulations when processing your data. You can file your complaint to the competent supervisory authority, the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency, i.e. to another authority that will take over this competence, in case of change in the applicable regulations. As of 25 May 2018, you can also lodge a complaint to the competent authority within EU.

Limitation of liability

Although we implement the available technical, organisational and personnel-related measures to protect personal data from accidental or intentional misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorised modification or access, we cannot guarantee that some of the collected personal data may be accidentally disclosed contrary to the provision of this Privacy Policy.

We exclude liability for damage caused to users or third parties by accidental disclosure of personal data to the maximum extent permitted by law. 

Since we do not have control over the personal data that you provide when accessing or using other portals i.e. submit directly to third parties (e.g. when participating in sponsorship activities) to the maximum extent permitted by law, we preclude the liability for damage that may incur to you or third parties as a result of provision of the personal data. 




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In case of complains related to compliance with these rules and other personal data protection regulations, we will fully investigate all elements of the complaint and try to solve them as soon as possible.

This Privacy Policy comes into force on 1 June 2022. 

We review the information on data processing on a regular basis and verify if they reflect the manner in which process personal data. The applicable version is always available on our website. In case of any substantial changes that affect your rights and freedoms, we will inform you directly thereon.