We guide our clients from the early development phase, always keeping in mind possible obstacles, saving time and money. Kaligraf attends to all production stages in the packaging production. We manage the entire project taking particular care about sustainability and environmental aspect while optimizing project costs.

Design and adaptive design - Depending on your brief, we can make a consistent creative design aligned with the standard. That could be a completely new design or flavor variations, size variations, product variations, language variations, and promotions.

Artwork and repro - Considering printing technology, the material to be printed on, individual print characteristics and machine profiles we create final prepress file that needs no adjustments on the printing site - ready for step and repeat process.

Proofs – standardized credible test prints that all stakeholders in the graphic production process can rely on - designers, clients, and printing houses…

Combining photo captures, illustrations, and 3D rendering with digital post-production, we create a high-quality picture to present a final product. In our studio, we can do: packshots, photos of 3D models, food (and non-food) styling and photos, photos for design adaptation, and line extensions

Rendering and post-production - 3D renders are digitally created based on packaging drawings, material descriptions, and prepress files and present precise models of shape, dimensions, and structure

Digital model (virtual mockup) - Each packaging we create is also a 3D model. This model is available as 3D .pfd and is Acrobat Reader compatible

Real 3D model (tangible mockup) – we produce a realistic, tangible model for all kinds of packaging to showcase exact materials and colors long before the production


The future is in digitization & automation

A powerful web-based platform that manages packaging preproduction specification, approval, and project life cycle so clients can simultaneously participate in ALL stages of packaging production.
Kaligraf WebCenter works on ESKO software.