We and all around us

We and all around us

We do everything according to the law and regulations. Whether it is about the environment, safety and security at work, workers' health, or Labor Law, we will always do it "by the book“.

• legal norms and ethical relations

• human rights

• individual dignity and personal integrity of all

• privacy rights

• freedom of speech and expression

• dishonest and illegal work

• discrimination on any grounds

• any form of harassment and abuse in the workplace

• nepotism and corruption

• conflict of interest

• team – unique, compact, connected and mutual

• safe and healthy working environment

• protection of personal data

• fair competition

• confidentiality – we keep information safe

• social responsibility

• one another

• nature

• animals


We contribute to the maximum natural environment protection through all our processes. We advise our clients on optimal packaging solutions to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We choose and apply equipment and procedures that contribute to less and thus more efficient use of primary energy sources.